Chains of Fate Vol. III

Chapter 9

Following the battle in Krios, where the party had defeated the final holdouts of Argos’ army, the situation was tense. Kheldor’s agents had been busy since before the Battle of the Shard, gathering information on the developments in the war for Akaron. As it stood at the close of the battle the party had nominally united the Lands of Dawn, however, their control of Straad was tenuous at best. Following the fighting and the final mop-up efforts to secure the city, the party separated somewhat, with plans to regroup in Cavalonia.

Oris elected to return with a party of Cavaliers. Brom, Roberts, Dodric, and Infinity left ahead of him on foot. On their way through the Kriosan countryside they came upon an apparently abandoned village. Upon inspection they learned that some Straadian soldiers had sacked the village. They had taken its inhabitants prisoner and were attempting a ritual in the basement of the large windmill in the center of the town. Things escalated out of control before the party had a chance to properly identify themselves or the Straadians, and as such a fight ensued. They slew those soldiers who were guarding the street rather easily. Brom noticed the windmill and blundered in alone. He was met by a large party of angry men and devils of Straad. In the following battle Brom was nearly killed, Oris noticed the goings on from above and landed to lend aid (losing all of his Cavaliers in the process) and the windmill exploded (twice) completing the dark ritual by obliterating all of the townspeople and sending pieces of them raining down for miles around. The completion of the ritual brought forth an army of hell-spawn. And at their head rode none other than the ranger Zatara, and a disturbingly transformed Cailen Theras. Zatara informed them that Asmodeus was as much an enemy of Tharizdun as they were, and he wanted to aide their efforts in whatever way possible. The party marched their army south to Cavalonia, and the encampment of roughly two million devils outside the Golden City did not sit well with the Cavalonian people.

The party finally regrouped in the Golden City. There Kheldor relayed to them much of what his agents had discovered. He told them of Tehla the Snow White Queen and her multi-racial army. Of the war in the fabled lands which had seen Golnir conquered by Sokarra and the Baroness of Ravayne slain dead. Of the valiant efforts of the Corinthians, with the aid of their old crewmate Gale Dead-Eye. Of Edwin’s crowning as King of Old Harkuna. Of the Yuan-Ti and their alliance with the Gnolls in Venetia (as well as Zaiden rising to take the place of Yeenoghu with Tharizdun’s blessing). And of Nagil’s almost total control of the lands north of the Great Rim. Thus the party realized that they had a number of potential allies with which to combat their ever-growing foes, but they still lacked any real way to coordinate or communicate with would-be friends.

To make a long story short, Dodric volunteered to go to Sigil and attempt to convince the Lady of Pain to grant them safe passage. In the end, Dodric was successful, though the effort nearly cost him both his manhood and his life (it’s hard to say which he would rather lose).

Thus, the party had a way to coordinate the efforts of the resistance. They dispatched their army of Devils to Hammerfast, hoping to retake the Nentir Vale and unite their holdings with those of Tehla, as well as providing them a route by which they could strike the Gnolls from behind and force Nagil to open up a war on two fronts.



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