Chains of Fate Vol. III

Chapter 8

The party managed to defeat the Jannisaries who were attempting to haul Argos back to Stygia. They captured the Traitor and interrogated him briefly before killing him. They learned that Argos had made a deal with Asmodeus shortly before the Battle of the Shard. After Argos became King of Cavalonia (a coincidence which Asmodeus himself had coordinated) Asmodeus offered him a deal in which Argos would become his servant and Straad would cease their war and become a part of Argos’ domain. Argos agreed, thinking it to be the only way to win the war with Straad. However, Argos betrayed Asmodeus at the same time. Asmodeus had wanted to destroy the Shard, and had arranged for Argos to assist the heroes. But Argos instead sided with Nagil, who had promised to keep Cavalonia safe from Tharizdun’s impending wrath. Thus Argos gathered the Stygian Jannisaries and mounted a rebellion against Asmodeus.
With the truth about Argos coming out, Cavalonia sided with the heroes, and they marched their armies north, to defeat the last stronghold of Argos’ rebel forces, based in a city in Krios. The heroes won the battle, but at terrible cost.
Now, their army is battered. Vantrag, the drow blade-master that Roberts had befriended, is missing in action, and their war with Tharizdun himself and his puppets, is just beginning.



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