Welcome to Volume III!

I’ve been debating this move for some time, that is, upgrading to an Ascendant account and opening a Volume III page. Finally I decided that it had to be done. Now that we see each other so much less often, we need a new medium to stay in touch, hence Obsidian Portal.

I’m really hoping that you’ll all get into this, participate, and communicate so that we can keep our group alive and the story going.

Please feel free to move your characters in and make yourselves at home.

Also, if you head over to the Wiki page, you’ll notice that I left some rather broad categories. Please feel free to start filling those in with whatever game related info you happen to have. Sort of like an Akaron Wikipedia, I’ll be around to make sure it all jives together, so also feel free to add stuff that you come up with on your own, I’ll make sure everything fits together.

Thank you all! I hope to see you often around here.

Chains of Fate Vol. III

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