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  • Dante

    I have killed kings and conquered nations, I have sailed the seas, strayed beyond the edges of the map, and returned with my sanity, I have walked in the valley of shadow and death and emerged to the light of the other side, I have glared into the …

  • Ming Wa

    Ming-Wa is an influential figure in the Akat-Surain black market. While he has no official political clout in Akat-Surai, as he doesn't possess a shogunate, he is arguably the most powerful individual in the island nation.

  • Vantrag

    The party first encountered Vantrag in Yeenoghu's fortress in the Abyss. He was there guarding Kat and Gelena (who had been captured and sent to the Abyss in a dark ritual). Roberts spared his life after defeating him. An act which shook Vantrag's …

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