Chains of Fate Vol. III

Chapter 5

Things in Venetia had gone from bad to worse. The heroes’ armies were beginning to run low on supplies. Morale was virtually extinguished; with the Thacien soldiers believing their cause lost with the city of Scion, and the men of the Army of Bahamut wanting nothing more than to leave the desert behind and press on toward Cavalonia. Meanwhile, the Gnolls had acquired a fleet and cut off the supply lines to Corinth; and they had several portals to the Abyss active in Scion and the Northern Kingdoms, and they were bringing in reinforcements constantly. Additionally, they had lost contact with their Yuan-Ti allies, if any of them even remained.

After some deliberation, the party elected to return to Sigil with the remaining Venetians and the Army of Bahamut.

Thus they did so, abandoning the ancient castle of Thacien Keep and flooding the Lowtown of Sigil with refugees. Much to the ire of the Lady of Pain, who demanded that they leave immediately.

The party went to speak with the leaders of Thacien and the Ring of Commanders. The Venetians agreed to travel to Llanowar, which was beset by hordes of orcs descending out of the Wilds. The Ring of Commanders however, refused. They didn’t want the Army of Bahamut to become bogged down fighting another hopeless war so far from their ultimate goal: Cavalonia.

But the party didn’t have time to waste deliberating with the Ring of Commanders. They needed to get back to Venetia to slay Yeenoghu. They knew he was holed up in the remains of the Tower of Scion. They negotiated with the Lady of Pain for the key that would unlock the door to his throne room, and in exchange promised that the refugees would be on their way.

The party then traveled to Scion. They planned to summon Nefermandias as they infiltrated the tower, so that the Gnollic horde inhabiting the city would be preoccupied while they battle Yeenoghu. Unfortunately, they forgot to summon Nefermandias until halfway through the battle, though he did eventually fall upon the city.

The door they left through in Sigil happened to belong to a city native, who unfortunately followed them through and into the new palace of the Prince of Gnolls.

After an intense battle, the heroes finally slew Yeenoghu, and then nearly lost a number of their own to Nefermandias. Instead of sticking around to fight the dragon or the remaining Gnolls, they collected their own and beat a hasty retreat to Sigil.

There arrived to find the city embroiled in conflict. The Sons of Mercy and the Army of Bahamut had gone to war. Apparently, the Lady of Pain had attempted to kill Dante and Davros (and in the process actually succeeded in killing a number of skilled warriors) after a rise in tensions caused by the continuing presence of the Army of Bahamut.

The heroes made their way to Dante and Davros (tricking a group of the Sons of Mercy in the process) and learned that the Army of Bahamut was hard-pressed. As such, they concocted a plan to infiltrate the palace of the Lady of Pain, and steal the Ring of Keys that allowed teleportation to any realm. They snuck in, disguised as supplies brought by one of Kheldor’s front companies, and gained access to the servants’ passages. Though the guards that they left with the wagons they had brought in ran into some trouble in attempting to keep the Sons of Mercy from finding out what they were up to (only the quick-witted smooth talking of one of the guardsmen kept them from being found out).

The heroes emerged into the Lady of Pain’s throne room. While Kheldor attempted to distract her by offering terms of negotiation the others dispatched the Sons of Mercy who were posted as guards, and Oris made a dash to steal the keys.

In the end it was Kat who, while invisible, took the keys. The party then escaped by using their old Key to the Shadowfell. Somehow however, Oris missed the door and wound up trapped in the palace. He then escaped the way he had come in, taking Kheldor’s guardsmen with him. They retreated to Kheldor’s mansion, and were forced to use the escape exit when the manse was besieged by the Sons of Mercy, taking Kheldor’s butler with them. The mansion was burned to the ground and Kheldor lost all standing with the Lady of Pain. Yet Oris and the other three returned to the Army of Bahamut.

Meanwhile, the others spent some time plane-hopping, trying to figure out the keys that they had, where they led, and which one would lead them back to the Army of Bahamut.

They finally returned to Dante, and surrendered the keys to the Army of Bahamut, who used them to open a door to the realm of Bahamut and bring in reinforcements. Hopefully turning the tide of the battle for Sigil.

Chapter 4

The party arrived in Venetia to find the situation most dire. The Army of Bahamut and the remnants of the army of Thacien had abandoned most of Venetia, including the city of Scion, which was sacked and taken by Yeenoghu himself.

The heroes set off to gather an alliance in an effort to build up a strong enough force to defeat the Gnollic army.

They traveled to the remnants of Ka’Thamon, in the northern reaches of the Carahadarac Desert. There they nearly destroyed one of the ancient God-Kings of the Yuan-Ti, an Anathema, by convincing it to eat itself (which reduced it to a single tiny snake, and restored a small measure of its sanity). Thus they convinced the Yuan-Ti to come to their aid.

They then traveled west to the even older ruins of the empire of Maru-Qhet. There they met the ancient brown dragon Nefermandias. He agreed to come to their aid in exchange for control of Venetia when the fighting was done. Without anywhere else to turn, they consented.

Thacien and the Army of Bahamut marched north to meet the Gnolls in open battle. The Gnollic horde was then pincered between the heroes’ host and the Yuan-Ti attacking from the north. During the battle the party found Yeenoghu, but he escaped before they could finish him. Unfortunately, the Gnolls proved too numerous. Their reinforcements (bolstered by men of the Northern Kingdoms) smashed into the flank of the Yuan-Ti army, breaking their lines and sending them scattering. Nefermandias never arrived, and the heroes were forced to make a hasty fighting retreat. Luckily the Gnolls were too busy rounding up the Yuan-Ti to bother harassing the party’s army all the way back to Thacien Keep.

Chapter 3

The journey to the Raven Queen’s citadel was neither pleasant nor easy. Along their way they rested for a short time at a Shadar-Kai city within the mountains north of Gloomwrought. While there they acquired a pair of Shadar-Kai companions. Two young warriors who were either lovers or brother and sister…or perhaps even both.

Regardless, they eventually made it to the Raven Queen’s domain. They were hoping to skirt her citadel and travel to the Palace of Fate, but Kat went mad and led them directly to the tower, since the party was unwilling to abandon her to face it alone. Within they witnessed the Raven Queen’s sentencing of Dante’s soul, and they witnessed Kat attempting to attack the goddess, following which they were forced to fight their way out.

They emerged and traveled to the Palace of Fate, where Dante’s soul had been sent. They won past a series of mysterious puzzles and riddles, and finally came face to face with Vorkheisis, the exarch of fate. After failing to negotiate an arrangement with either him or Dante, Valrec nobly offered to trade his soul for Calviadi’s. Vorkheisis agreed, Dante was released, and Valrec remained behind to become a part of the Shadowfell.

They returned to the city of Sigil, gave Dante to Davros, and departed shortly thereafter for the region of Venetia within Akaron. For the Army of Bahamut found itself hard pressed and in need of heroes.

Chapter 2

The Lady of Pain had given the party a key that would unlock a door to the Shadowfell, on the condition that they return Dante to her once they recovered him. Behind the door was a realm of darkness, extending infinitely in every direction, with a great chasm dividing the nothingness, and a single long, narrow bridge spanning its width. Upon the bridge stood a heavily armored black knight, who seemed loathe to let them pass.

They fought the knight, yet they could not kill him. It was not until Kat got behind him and drove a sword through his back that he finally yielded. He removed his helm and they found him to be none other than Brom Smith the Godslayer, reborn as a deathknight. He joined them as they proceeded through a second door on the far side of the chasm, and into the Shadowfell.

They emerged just outside the city of Gloomwrought, and were set upon by a band of fearsome Tannaruk. The timely intervention of Valrec Praeveron, thought to have perished within the Abyss, helped them to fend off their foes and make it into the city.

There they met up with a gaudily dressed bard called Dodric Sapwood, another of Roberts’ old companions. Dodric had spent his time since their last meeting wooing women and singing songs throughout the courts of Akaron, and even among the realms of the gods.

After spending some less than comfortable time there, they were able to find a guide who offered to take them to the Raven Queen’s palace.

They set out shortly thereafter, glad to leave the intrigue of Gloomwrought behind them.

Chapter 1

Following the devastating defeat in the Battle of the Shard, Argos’s fell betrayal, and the crushing loss of Cavalonia the remnants of the party fled to the City of Sigil aboard a fleet of Githyanki airships, gathered up by Gish and Davros. All that remains of the band of heroes are the Dread Pirate Roberts, Z, the indomitable Kat, and a severely wounded Vantrag. The rest met their end either amid the passes of northern Cavalonia or deep within the heart of the Abyss.

While in Sigil Davros takes them to see the Lady of Pain, and a halfling vampire by the name of Kheldor. The same Kheldor with whom Roberts had once adventured. They find that Kheldor has made quite a name for himself throughout more or less every realm. They all encountered a Githyanki swordmage and a sorcerer known as Prometheus who joined their cause.

But the most surprising encounter was with a fearsome black rakshasa named Wethrinshael, or rather, Oris of Wethrinshael.

After helping Oris track down and eliminate the crime lord he had been hunting (in return for his intervention when they were ambushed), the party set off for the Shadowfell, realm of the dead and of the Raven Queen, in an effort to seek out the soul of Dante Calviadi and return him to the mortal world.

(it should be noted that while in Sigil they also encountered a woman by the name of Marion, and a member of the army of Bahamut, one Grevik Longstab, who had been sent to find Brom Smith)


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