William Turner

Now that reminds me of a story.....


Hybrid Fighter/Paladin:

AC: Depends-what did the bad guys roll?

HP: Eh, less than 9,000

Weapons: Swords… lots of swords…


He never new his parents; more infuriatingly, he doesn’t even know who killed them. At least he knows who killed his beloved wife and children, but to be fare he wasn’t exactly in control of his actions when he killed them. He was a great Paladin of Kord, and deep down he probably still is, once you get past the fits of drunkenness and disdain for magic. In his life as a Paladin, he fought evil and stood for justice, only to become the greatest pirate the seas had known. However, an evil being corrupted his mind, leading him to murder and madness. Since he has recovered, he has made new friends and allies, only to have most of them killed off or maimed. He’s now a leader in an ever-shrinking resistance against the evil that now threatens to engulf the world, but he still knows not his purpose. He’s reasonably sure that it is not his destiny to slay gods or rid the world of evil; perhaps he is meant to sheppard the true savoir. Ether way, he intends to slay the creature Nigel personally. Then, the plan is to get very drunk

William Turner

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