Drow Blademaster. ’Nuff said.


The party first encountered Vantrag in Yeenoghu’s fortress in the Abyss. He was there guarding Kat and Gelena (who had been captured and sent to the Abyss in a dark ritual). Roberts spared his life after defeating him. An act which shook Vantrag’s convictions to their very core. He next encountered the heroes when they were imprisoned by the Drow living beneath the Dawn Mountains. There he helped them to escape, though he stayed behind as they fled. He finally joined them when Roberts was taken prisoner and his mind probed to free Nagil. Vantrag helped Roberts to escape and taught him the legendary two-blade fighting style of the Drow. He fought alongside the party thereafter, even accompanying them to the depths of Nessus. He was severely wounded in the Battle of the Shard when the Cavaliers turned against the party due to Argos’ betrayal. Yet he survived his wounds and continued to fight alongside the heroes. He recently went missing in the Battle of Knossos.


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