Dӧdric Sapwood

Songbird of the Gods


Dӧdric first met William Turnner in the Fabled Lands. While travelling with that company he earned quite a name for himself as a bard of many and varied talents; and an object of intense carnal desire.

When he and his companions went their separate ways, Dӧdric only continued to build his reputation. He traveled far and wide, even to the Astral domains of the Gods themselves. His music (as well as certain other attributes) is known throughout the multiverse.

He wears now resplendent golden armor, bedazzled with astral diamonds (a gift from Moradin), but underneath he is still the same sexy minx he’s always been.

He was reunited with William and the others in the city of Gloomwrought, where he’d been trying to spread some merriment (and maybe woo the queen of death). Now he’s back, so lady-girls beware.


Dӧdric Sapwood

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