Brom Smith

Argos is a traitor.


A hulking death knight, Brom Smith is little more than the piece of his soul which inhabits the Sword of the Grey. His corporeal form is an animated set of plate armor, but beneath that steel is naught but ash. Yet his desire for vengeance, along with his ultimate destiny, drive him ever onward.


Brom hails from the small Llanowaran village of Fieldan. His father was the assassin John Diablo, who sailed with Wil Turnner and his companions in the Fabled Lands. John brought his wife (along with Zero and a distraught and drunken Dread Pirate) to Llanowar in an effort to escape the order of assassins that wanted him dead. He sent them off to Fieldan while he remained in Enoch to confront their pursuers. John was never seen again. His wife gave birth to Brom in Fieldan and raised him more or less alone. Zero watched over her for a time, but eventually left to pursue his experiments elsewhere. Roberts remained in his drunken stupor. Brom learned to fight partly from Cailen Theras, and mostly from what he taught himself. His own adventures began on the day that his village was raided and he and his companions set off to rescue their kinsmen.

They chased the kidnappers across Akaron, finally rescuing the survivors from Yeenoghu’s realm. Brom began to realize his destiny. He recovered the Sword of the Grey from the top of Mount Thunderspire. He trained under Davros the Elder in the ways of a true warrior. He bested Asmodeus and spared the Devil God (despite Mr. Stabby’s insistence to do otherwise). And he finally died in the Battle of the Shard, when Argos betrayed the heroes and set Tharizdun free.

But Brom has returned. His hatred and anger were too powerful to be swept aside by the mere force of death. His soul was anchored to the Sword of the Grey, and he returned as a fearsome DeathKnight, intent upon vengeance and the fulfillment of his ultimate destiny.

Brom Smith

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