Chains of Fate Vol. III

Chapter 7

The Army of Bahamut is battered, but in tact and, for the time being, safe. But the heroes’ work is far from finished.

They had been on their heels since the Battle for the Shard, and now that they finally had a chance to regain their feet, it was time to go on the offensive.

Their first goal was Cavalonia, and the head of King Argos the Traitor.

After some deliberation, the party used one of their dwindling supply of keys (the rules to which seemed constantly to be changing) to teleport to a small abandoned shack within the Fang of Eritrea. From there, they journeyed on foot into Cavalonia (stopping briefly, and inadvertently, in a halfling village to resupply). They made their way to the port city of Tristeran, looking to gain some intel before they made their move on Argos. They wound up in the Wet Cells, Tristeran’s local dungeon; and learned they were to be taken to the Golden City for torture and execution.

While in the Wet Cells they met a man by the name of Ed, whom they learned was an ex-Cavalier. Ed had abandoned the order shortly after the Battle of the Three Passes (where the Cavalonians had betrayed the heroes) for he had been able to see past Argos’ facade. He had been imprisoned for disorderly conduct, and was likely to be executed for treason and desertion.

With the help of the piteous Ed, the party infiltrated the Golden City through two alternate routes. While some of them scaled the side of the mountain, up the Griffon’s Stair; the others remained in the Wet Cells (choosing not to escape) and infiltrating as prisoners.

Once the free group was inside they had to work quickly to save the others from torture and execution. Luckily, everyone survived, and while Brom suffered some unpleasant time in the torture chamber, Sir Ed began to prove that he was not so useless as it might have seemed.

The party encountered for the first time Stygian Jannisaries (human soldiers, taken as infants and trained to fight by the devils of the Nine Hells) and learned that Hellsteel has quite a bite.

But they finally cornered Argos (after convincing the Grey Knight, head of the Order of Cavaliers, that the King-Regent was a traitor) in his chambers.

We last left off as some of his Jannisaries were trying to drag his unconscious form through the shrinking portal, while the heroes came at them with everything they had.



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