Chains of Fate Vol. III

Chapter 6

The Army of Bahamut connects with Celestia, only to learn that the realm is under siege by Tharizdun, and Bahamut can offer them neither shelter nor reinforcement. Hard-pressed, the heroes travel to the Feywild in a final effort to find a refuge for their army.

Their primary goal is to convince the Eldari to agree to an alliance. When they arrive at Mithrendain, the de facto “capital” of the Eldari “nation”, they encounter an interesting twist. The head of the Eldari council is none other than Velaianni, Dante’s lover, whom he had rescued from the Raven Queen whoever even knows how long ago. She says that she would like to help them, but the Eldari are keen on maintaining their tentative truce with the Fomorians and are desperate to avoid stirring up their carefully negotiated peace. She says that she can convince and coerce the council otherwise, but she’ll need more proof and reason than their word alone.

Running out of time and options (and at the prompting of Dante), they take off in search of the Tower of Aurelin, which they believe to be the subject of the visions that Prometheus had been having, and home to the sole remaining copy of Vol. 3 of the Chronicles of the Dawn War.

They arrive at Aurelin, and after an encounter with a particularly mischievous door and an irate Librarian, they recover the Book. And the Librarian drops some hints to Z about his potential future.

The Chronicles in tow, they return to Velaianni and convince her to arrange an alliance. They’re then finally able to bring the Army of Bahamut through from Sigil to rest, and even bolster their ranks with Eldari knights and warriors.



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