Chains of Fate Vol. III

Chapter 4

The party arrived in Venetia to find the situation most dire. The Army of Bahamut and the remnants of the army of Thacien had abandoned most of Venetia, including the city of Scion, which was sacked and taken by Yeenoghu himself.

The heroes set off to gather an alliance in an effort to build up a strong enough force to defeat the Gnollic army.

They traveled to the remnants of Ka’Thamon, in the northern reaches of the Carahadarac Desert. There they nearly destroyed one of the ancient God-Kings of the Yuan-Ti, an Anathema, by convincing it to eat itself (which reduced it to a single tiny snake, and restored a small measure of its sanity). Thus they convinced the Yuan-Ti to come to their aid.

They then traveled west to the even older ruins of the empire of Maru-Qhet. There they met the ancient brown dragon Nefermandias. He agreed to come to their aid in exchange for control of Venetia when the fighting was done. Without anywhere else to turn, they consented.

Thacien and the Army of Bahamut marched north to meet the Gnolls in open battle. The Gnollic horde was then pincered between the heroes’ host and the Yuan-Ti attacking from the north. During the battle the party found Yeenoghu, but he escaped before they could finish him. Unfortunately, the Gnolls proved too numerous. Their reinforcements (bolstered by men of the Northern Kingdoms) smashed into the flank of the Yuan-Ti army, breaking their lines and sending them scattering. Nefermandias never arrived, and the heroes were forced to make a hasty fighting retreat. Luckily the Gnolls were too busy rounding up the Yuan-Ti to bother harassing the party’s army all the way back to Thacien Keep.



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