Chains of Fate Vol. III

Chapter 11 Part One

Following the liberation of Scion, the party reconvened in Sigil to take stock of recent events. Their reprieve was short-lived however, as an urgent message from one of Kheldor’s agents in Celestia urged them into action.

Bahamut was requesting aid. The siege of Celestia was going poorly for the defenders. The party received word from Abilard Dorminus (one of Kheldor’s best and most trusted agents) that the invading demons were attempting to open portals to the Abyss and bring through a menagerie of Demon Princes. After hastily throwing together a plan, complete with a predetermined insertion point, the party set out for Celestia, taking Grevik Longstab, Davros the Elder, Dante Calviadi and a contingent of the Army of Bahamut along with them.

As they exited the portal in Celestia they immediately came under fire. Some of the Army of Bahamut’s men were killed in the opening salvo, following which a group of Barlgura demons charged at them. The party managed to dispatch the demons with minimal casualties. They soon realized however, that Abilard was nowhere to be found. After backtracking the demon’s tracks for a short while (which came generally from the direction of their objective) they came to the site of what must have been an ambush. There, two paths diverged. Naturally, the party split up.

Oris, Roberts, Dante, Dodric, and some of the Army of Bahamut went on toward their objective (a bluff above the battlefield, from which they could direct Bahamut’s dragons against key enemy positions, helping to drive the demons back). The others, Z, Brom, Grevik, Davros and the remained AoB soldiers, went off in the direction that it seemed the survivors of the ambush had been taken.

Z’s group came upon a demon encampment with a number of fearsome looking demons (and some lesser ones) variously guarding their prisoners and standing around looking bored. Z decided that he would move around the side of the encampment and attempt to draw the largest of the demons away, thus allowing Brom and the others to move in and free the prisoners. Z’s plan half-worked, as the Glabrezu that he was attempting to distract sent a lesser Drudge to investigate the ruckus he was making. Z killed the Drudge and was ultimately able to draw the Glabrezu and a number of the Barlguras over towards him (he had to dangle off of and shimmy along a cliff to avoid detection). This gave Brom the opportunity he needed and he rushed in to free the prisoners. One of the prisoners died in the escape attempt, and one of the soldiers that they had brought along with them perished as well, but thanks to Z’s illusory Wall of Light, they were able to make good their escape.

Meanwhile, Oris and the others had reached the bluff without incident and began calling in dragon strikes on the foes below. However, even with their valiant efforts, Bahamut’s army could not reach the portals fast enough. Demogorgon and Dagon emerged onto the field. Bahamut himself dove to meet them. After a short fight Bahamut fled, badly wounded, and his army routed. A Pit Fiend emerged from a portal atop the bluff, and after Dodric placed it within a binding circle, the party beat a hasty retreat as well.

The two halves of the party regrouped at their extraction point and nearby they found a mortally wounded Bahamut. Dodric immediately began attempting to heal the dying god. However, as Demogorgon jumped into the ravine it soon became apparent that the Chains of Fate had other plans. Davros lunged forward to hold off the Demon Prince while Dante began dragging the others back toward the portal. They had just enough time to see Davros being ripped in half before they teleported back to Sigil.



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