Chains of Fate Vol. III

Chapter 10

In the Nentir Vale: The city of Hammerfast was the last stronghold of living beings, the rest of the Vale having fallen to the hordes of the undead. The commander of the city’s garrison, the Anvil Brigade, was a dwarf by the name of Omrik Skullcrusher. He was a fearsome warrior and a respected leader, if a bit of a hot-headed fool. His most trusted advisor (and the real brains behind the Anvil Brigade) was a Drow woman by the name of Zaermina. The party had already dispatched its army of Hellspawn (led by Zatara and Cailen the Colossus) to aid the city, but decided that they needed some way to convince the city’s defenders that the devils meant them no harm. Thus, they also dispatched Davros the Elder and Vantrag to do some negotiating. While Davros distracted Omrik with Barovian whiskey and tales of battle, Vantrag met secretly with Zaermina and was able to convince her that the approaching legions of Hellspawn meant them no harm. Ultimately, the devils were able to aid the Anvil Brigade and rid the Nentir Vale of its undead infestation.

In Valeria: The situation in Alden (the lands north of the Great Rim) was dire. Nagil and his agents had successfully infiltrated the upper-echelons of Aldenian society in nearly every nation. In effect, Nagil had (after years spent biding his time and building his influence) swiftly seized power throughout the region. His main base of operations is within the nation of Armallia. Armallia itself serves as his puppet in the region. He exerts his power over the other nations of Alden through use of the Armallian Inquisition. In Valeria some of the Legions remained loyal to the old order and began a civil war of sorts. However, they were widely dispersed, with no central command or means of communicating or coordinating with one another, and as such they were fighting a continuous, costly, losing battle. Enter Dodric Sapwood. Dodric went to the Valerians, convinced them to cast their lot in with the party’s efforts to defeat Tharizdun, gave them means to communicate and coordinate between themselves, and began a propaganda war to aide them. For the time being, Dodric effectively turned the tide of the war in Valeria.

In Andar and Nerath: In Andar, the Rangers were in more-or-less the same condition as the Valerians. However, the Andar Rangers being adept at guerrilla warfare, they were having a much better time than their Valerian brethren. In Nerath the NLF (or Nerathan Liberation Front) sought to oust the Armallian Inquisitors and reestablish the Empire of Nerath (which once spanned all of Alden). The Andarrans want to remove the Inquisitors, but they don’t want to replace them with a Nerathan empire. One of the heroes (perhaps Kheldor? Or Oris?) managed to convince the two factions to set aside their differences and work towards a common goal. At least for the time being…

In the Fabled Lands: Sokarra’s conquest of Golnir had been the beginnings of Grieve Marlock’s ambition, not the end. His greatest general, the Dread Colonel Grazka, had defeated Golnir, Old Harkuna, Uttaku, the Isle of Dwemer, and even the Goliath Hordes of the north. He had amassed himself a collection of the tarred heads of his greatest foes and a force of shock-troopers composed of his best men alongside the Goliaths, Shadar-Kai, and even Tanaruuk and old members of the Red-Guard whom he had defeated. Cordoba had surrendered as a vassal of Sokarra without even a fight. The Island of Brazen was ignored. All that stood between Grieve Marlock and total domination of the Fabled Lands was the Free Republic of Atticala (Oh, and Akat-Surai, but who cares about them?). Grazka was preparing his forces for battle with the Templars of the Fifth Wind, when Kheldor arrived in the region, alongside Ming-Wa. First they spoke with Grieve Marlock, who pledged them his aide, in exchange for control of Venetia when the war was over. Following that they met with the Dread Colonel Grazka himself. He proved much less savage in person than they had anticipated. In fact, he seemed utterly rational, urbane, sophisticated even. And highly intelligent. His army, it seemed, was entirely devoted to him. He offered them an alternative deal to that proposed by Marlock. Grazka promised that if they aided him in defeating the Templars, he would depose Grieve and establish a new government within Sokarra and that he would unite the Fabled Lands and then pursue no further conquest. The party has yet to decide how to proceed with this decision, but time is running short as Grazka’s war with the Templars draws near…

In Venetia: Tehla, the Snow-White Queen and her Many-Colored Army, had defeated the threats to Llanowar. She had emerged from the isle of Eileen’a Ceedich, once the seat of the Arkhosian Empire, with an army of Dragonborn warriors. With them at her side she had united the men of Llanowar (with them the old army of Thacien from Venetia) the men of Corinth (led by the Lady Aphelia) the elves of Lorien, and the Tieflings of Telatium. Roberts travelled to Enoch (the capitol of Llanowar) to convince her to join their cause. In this, he was successful. The next order of business would be putting their newfound ally to use. In the city of Scion, Z, Kat, and Belaren (commander of the Red Sashes, who had seen devastating loses in the battle of Krios) led a mission, along with a contingent of Red Sashes mercenaries, to destroy the portals which were constantly bringing Gnollic reinforcements and supplies forth from the Abyss. There were three portals in the city. Z and Kat set off to destroy one, while Belaren took his men after another. They would then meet up at the third and destroy it together. Z and Kat had little trouble with the first portal, proceeding quickly toward their second objective. They reached it, yet there was no sign of Belaren or his men. Not looking to waste time, they destroyed that portal as well, and moved on toward Belaren’s original objective. Belaren and his men had never made it their, they were not as stealthy as Z and Kat had been and were discovered as they tried to move through the city. The had taken losses in their initial skirmish with the gnollic patrol that had discovered them and retreated into a nearby building to establish a defensive position and plan their next move. But by this point the gnolls knew where they were and were responding en force. Belaren knew that he and his few Sashes couldn’t hold out for long. As such, he decided to attempt to move to another building via some second story windows. If he could remain undetected, then there was a chance that his unit could slip away before the gnolls knew they were gone. However, while crossing between the buildings, the last man in the line, a young Sash by the name of Ted (or something like that) was spotted. Not wanting to betray the position of his comrades Ted tossed himself to the street below where he met a grisly, though noble, end. Belaren never reached the last portal. Kat and Z destroyed it as well, then met up with Belaren’s force and beat a retreat to Sigil. Hard Cut to Roberts and Tehla. Roberts was able to convince the Snow-White Queen to send her forces against the city of Scion. With Roberts commanding the army they were able to take the city, though it proved more costly than they had anticipated. Regardless of the casualties, they finally had regained a foothold within Venetia…



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